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Quadpath is a boutique accounting firm of passionate accountants

who look forward to working with you to make life simpler.  

Business Services

We take the time to get to know your business and discover how much accounting and bookkeeping assistance you require.  After the meeting we will follow up with a service pack which includes a list of the services we agreed to provide and a flat fee that is payable either monthly or quarterly depending on your business size and needs.  What happens next is up to you.  We can assist with the following:

  1. CFO advisory / Virtual CFO 

  2. Business coaching

  3. Traditional tax agent services

  4. Bookkeeping

  5. Payroll services

Individual Tax Return

To sign up as a Quadpath client today you can either send us your last year tax return or complete this form and send to us at jenny@quadpath.com or call us for an over the phone quote.

Feel free to check out our price guide.  We provide specific quotes before we start.

Meet the owner

Steph Shipway has enjoyed working in the accounting industry for over 17 years.  During this time she has worked with many small to medium businesses from a vast range of industries.  She began her career with a traineeship at PricewaterhouseCoopers and has also worked with William Buck Chartered Accountants before commencing her own boutique accounting firm.  Steph has a passion for teaching the accounting profession to others.  She has designed and taught accounting and tax subjects at Certificate IV, Diploma and Degree level.  Quadpath combines her love of teaching and small business. 

Contact Details

(02) 9056 3335

6D Villiers Street